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📍success is what comes

After you stop making excuses. 

📍 you never know how strong

you are untill being strong

is the only choice you have. 

📍when you meet a stranger, 

give them smile. It may be the

only sunshine they see all day. 

📍 The best way to find yourself

is to lose yourself in the service

of others. 

📍 your positive action combined

with positive thinking results in


📍Hardwork beats talent, 

when talent doesn't work hard. 

📍Everything in your life is a reflection

of a choice you have made. 

If you want a different results make

a different choice. 

📍 stop over thinking, 

you cannot control


📍Do something today that your

future self will thank you for. 

📍 The only time you should ever look back,

  is to see how far you've come. 

📍when life puts you

in tough situations. 

Don't say "WHY ME"

Just say "TRY ME".

📍Never stop doing your best just

because someone, Doesn't give you credit. 

📍Don't blame people

for disappointing you. 

Blame yourself for

Expecting too much. 

📍 Talk yourself atleast once in a day. 

otherwise, you may miss a meeting

with an excellent person in this world. 

📍In bad condition. 

There only two option. 

1) Time Will change you. 


2) you will change the time. 

📍The one who falls and gets up

is so much stronger than the one

who never fell. 

📍Failure is not the opposite

of success. It's part of success. 

📍Sometimes we're waiting for

other people to change, 

but god is waiting for us

to change. 

📍 No poison can kill

a positive thinker, 

and no medicine

can save a negative


📍 life is the most difficult exam. 

Many people fail because they

try to copy others, not realizing

that everyone has a different

question paper. 

📍 Every sunset give us one day

Less to live, but every sunrise

gives us one day more to hope.

📍Life is full of fake people

before you decide to judge

them, make sure you're not 

one of them. 

📍 Standing alone is better than

being around people who don't

value you.  

📍The best way to succeed in life

is to act on advice we give to others. 

📍Happiness can be found even

in the darkest of times, if one only

remember to turn on the light. 

📍challenges are what make 

life interesting and overcoming

them is what makes life meaningful. 

📍when everything seems to be

going against you, remember

that the airplane takes off

against the windwind, not

with it. 

📍Build your own dreams, 

or someone else will hire 

you to build their dreams. 

📍To accomplish great things

we must not only act, 

but also dream, not

only plan, but also


📍success is knowing your 

purpose in life, growing

to reach your maximum

potential, and sowing

seeds that benefit


📍If you want to make a permanent

change, stop focusing on the size 

of problems and start focusing

on the size of you. 

📍If you don't design your own 

life plan, chances are you'll fall

into someone else's plan. And

guess what they have planned 

for you? Not much. 

📍Too many of us are not living

our dreams because we are living

in our fears. 

📍people often say that motivation

doesn't last. well, neither does bathing

that's why we recommend it daily. 

📍we become what we think about

most of time, and that's the strangest


📍I find that the harder

I work, the more luck 

I seem to have. 

📍lf you can't explain it simply, 

you don't understand it well


📍happiness is a butterfly, 

which when pursed, 

is always beyond your

grasp, but if you will 

sit down quietly, may

alight upon you. 

📍I believe that the only courage

anybody ever needs is the

courage to follow your


📍The whole secret of successful

life is to find out what is one's

destiny to do, and then do it. 

📍If you don't value your time, 

neither will others. stop giving

away your time and talent. 

start charging for it. 

📍I have not failed. 

I just found 10,000

ways that won't work. 

📍Try not to become a person

of success, but rather try to

become a person of value. 

📍Opportunity don't happen, 

you create them. 

📍If you do what you

always did, 

you will get what you

always got. 

Anything can happen in 1day.
Anything can happen in 1day.
Just turn the page of your life.
Just turn the page of your life.

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📍Life is not finding yourself. 

Actually, life is creating yourself. 

📍It is easy to make 50 friends in 1 year. 

But, 1 friend for 50 year it is special. 

📍 They called disable.

I called differently able. 

📍They see my disability. 

I see my ability... 

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Motivation of your life...
Motivation of your life...
Happiness of your life...
Happiness of your life...
You are most person in the world.
You are most person in the world.